Debugging Travis CI is very hard.

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I had the "simple" goal of setting up automatic builds for my Go project. And it's been a nightmare.

The docs are hard to follow, the error messages aren't descriptive, and it has taken up most of my afternoon.

In other news, I switched from Windows to Debian on my main machine and I've been loving every second of it.

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Debugging with a lot of frameworks isn't stellar. Often, you need to figure out "how do I force things to be meaningfully verbose". Downside to that being that, in doing so, you can end up not using the tool the way it's meant to be used.



I feel your pain. I took the time to migrate a Travis CI configuration over to Buildkite. It was infinitely better! You have to host the CI server yourself, but you can control the resources and environment.


Indeed it is. My advice would be very cautious cache in your builds unless you absolutely need the time increase. Other things I've done is setup my own VM and run the commands which I'm in control of one by one. Lastly, sometimes I've seen travis-ci fail on dependencies at which point I just wait a day and try again. Patience is key if you are using their free tier.

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