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This is terrible news for devs. Microsoft developing a Chromium browser completely ruins the engine diversity that Edge brings to the ecosystem. I'm very upset by this news.


I disagree with your statement, writing web applications as a developer would be way easier because they all share the same APIs and core, this will reduce the usage of poly-fills. This would be an significant improvement! :)


I agree. The only time this becomes worrisome is if Google ever gets to a point in the future where they do "okay, the web is good. we're done now" and then everyone's on the same engine so browser diversity and innovation come to a halt.


I was going to bring this up in the initial discussion post, as the issue has arisen before when people were afraid of an all Chrome world, but i figured someone would bring it up. 👋

For web developers, I still think it's good though. The more we can focus on building applications the better.

I think your point is more about stifling browser innovation?

I'll leave these knowledge nuggets here:


Isn't future versions of Chrome powered by Blink, a Chromium fork?

Blink is the HTML rendering that they replaced their initial usage of WebKit (apples property) with.

They didn’t switch completely away, as Blink is a fork of the WebCore component, a part of WebKit.


So long as Chromium does not stagnate as a result of its market share, then I would agree it's a good thing.

As long as Firefox is still serving a good amount of the market, things should only keep chugging along with Chromium.

I got a notification from one of my above comments and with the new chrome manifest announcement my trust in Firefox only grows stronger

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