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It has been a while I didn't post something for 8 months 4 weeks and 1 day 😂. What a shame.

Anyway, I just want to share my current state for now. There are a lot of things happened before and after the pandemic. My primary laptop broken (data were safe, hopefully), my only phone was also broken. However, I was able to work for developments and thesis since I still have to get to the campus and able to borrowed my sister's netbook (Thank God).

One of the great things was that me with my team can deliver new app using Flutter framework and deployed it successfully without too much drama (perhaps). The app was made for a campus which I work for and thankfully, it is the first project to be adequately documented. That is one achievement for our team by the way (a lot of do-not-tell-others stories here). Here is the app.

We still have to work and support on other things like e-learning system that our campus using. In other side, we still have to improve the way we work, managing projects and smaller tasks, and so on.

That's it for the post. Not a insightful post 😅. But anyway, sharing stories is good, no?

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Hi, I'm an IT support and software engineer for a private campus in Bandung.


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