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Neil An
Neil An

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Release 0.4 Planning

Hi everyone,

This week I have chosen to work on the Astro Reactive Library repo for release 0.4. I chose this repo because I have been contributing to it for the last couple of months and I am familiar with the project. I will be working on two issues:

  1. generate a favicon.ico for our apps
    This issue looks to update the favicon logo to match the current logo that they are using.

  2. chore: create script for updating before PR
    This issue looks to update any files when a developer changes a package. The script will ask the developer what is the scope of the PR they are making and what changes they made to a package and write to the appropriate file.

The first issue seems straightforward to me, but the second issue I chose is a little more open-ended. I plan to first create a basic implementation and iteratively add more features to the script to make it more comprehensive and convenient for the developers.

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