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How to rename multiple files at once on windows.

Sometimes we want to rename multiple files at once with almost similar names like prepending or appending some text to all file's names. Using File Manager Advance on windows we can do it easily. It is available to download for free on

File Manager Advance has easy to use UI that lets you select files that you want to rename and then you define the naming pattern using tags and then it renames all your files based on your pattern.

Let's suppose we have 20 image files and we want to add the size of the file at the end of its name. For example, if a file has the name photo0557.jpg and size 251 kb then we want to rename it to photo0557_size-251KB.jpg

  1. To do this first open File Manager Advance and navigate to the files and select all the files that you want to rename. Use the shift and ctrl keys to select multiple files.

  2. Go to Tools in the menu bar and click on Renamer to open bulk renamer.
    It will open a bulk renamer window. Here you can see available tags in the left panel which you can use to create the naming pattern. On the right, you can see your name pattern where you will define your pattern and beneath it, you can see your selected files.

  3. Now click on Text tag (first one on the left) to add it to the pattern and then write _size- in it.

  4. Then add Size tag and set it to KB.

  5. Add another Text tag and write KB in it.
    At this point, your naming pattern should look something like this.
    You can also click on any file to preview its name.

  6. Now just click on Rename button at the bottom right corner to rename all your files then close the renamer window and refresh the main window to see your renamed file.

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