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Keerthi Vasan
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ResponseHunt - Scavenger hunt for programmers ⛏ is a website in which you use your programming and general problem-solving skills to crack the clues and move on to the next hints.

Once you have cracked all the hints, you can enter the /golden endpoint with a key parameter that you find from the other endpoints.

You permanently get featured in the Hall of Fame for the current version and receive a permanent golden card issued in your name with your rank!

I have designed it so that the key is generated based on the IP address of the client, so the key is different for each system. Let's not leak and ruin the game!

It is basically a website built with SvelteKit with different endpoints that require some level of computer science knowledge especially in web development to navigate

I hope you guys enjoy playing it, please share your experience in the comments as well! Since this was the first time, I have made the hints quite easy to crack, but upcoming versions will get progressively harder!

In future, I would like to partner with companies and offer cash prizes, coupons, vouchers and more! 🌟

If this idea sounds interesting to you, you can checkout the version 1 contest in

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