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Nebula Graph RC3 Release Notes

Nebula Graph RC3 Release Notes

Main features and fixes for this release include dump_tools to export data by specific filters, graph data exploring tool Nebula Graph Studio, and vertex/edge scan interface for OLAP scenarios.

Below is a list of details.

Query engine

  • Support fetching all props of a given vertex #1486
  • Support DELETE EDGE to delete the given edge #1063
  • Add IF EXISTS to conditionally drop a tag/edgetype only if it exists. #1505
  • Add IF NOT EXISTS to conditionally create a space/tag/edge only if it not exists #1379
  • Export graphd metrics #1451


  • Add scan edge/vertex interface to retrieve data from storage for OLAP, #1381
  • Support heartbeat_interval_secs option to config heartbeat interval between storage/graph and meta #1540
  • Pushdown filter to minimize data transfer and improve query performance #947
  • Support local conf mode, using local conf rather than config in meta server #1411
  • Add timeout for storage/meta clients, the default value is 60s and configured by meta_client_timeout_ms option #1399
  • Support creating a snapshot for the whole cluster #1199 #1372
  • Both support reading from leader/follow and support only read from the leader #1363
  • Add check step for each balance task during balancing process. #1378


  • Simplify the build process, support most of Linux Kernel 2.6.32+ system #1332


  • Support create an index,get a list of all indexes in the space and drop a index #1459 #1360


  • dump_tools , an off-line data dumping tool that can be used to dump or count data with specified conditions. #1479 #1554
  • Spark Writer adopts async client,add hash and uuid support,support load data into the same schema from different data source #1405 #1512.
  • Spark Writer supports configuring Spark partition,more numerous partitions allow work to be distributed among more workers, however, fewer partitions allow work to be done in larger chunks (and often quicker). #1412


  • Nebula Graph Studio is the graphical user interface for working with Nebula. Query, visualize nebula and import CSV data to Nebula. Visualize and explore graph data via the interface; an editor with syntax highlighting feature enables users to design queries fast and view query results in a structured manner; support data import via GUI. Here’s the repo of this tool (including documentation and deployment files):

Nebula Graph Studio Screenshot

Coming soon


  • Profiling
  • Execution plan
  • Subgraph
  • Bidirectional query
  • Clone space schema info
  • OLAP interface enhancement
  • Permission management
  • Sampling


  • Containerization


  • Nebula Graph Studio enhancement

Welcome to try Nebula Graph database and do let us know if you have any feedback or encounter any problem via the channels below:

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