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Rohith ND
Rohith ND

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How to Move Forward in DevOps ?

After watching many educational videos and learning about the fundamentals of Devops in theory, such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Delivery, I struggle as a beginner to move further without adequate guidance.

I started with Jenkins and gathered some knowledge on Jenkins.

What is the next step after this?

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Gokul c

1 . Learn docker to containerize applications.
2 . learn kubernetes to manage the containerized applications.
3 . Learn any cloud platform.

  1. Learn Terraform to automate the cloud infrastructure.
  2. Learn how to ssh into other machines and work with it . 6 . Learn ansible to manage those machines , it's an configuration management tool .
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Rohith ND

Thank you . Hope this helps me


Thank you.

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