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Operation "Hot Chow Springs"

What surprises you most about the community builders program?

I like learning about new services, the sessions they put on for us are really amazing and give a sneak peak at innovative technologies which we can apply. One other surprising thing is the amount of talented new builders from so many countries that were added in 2022.

What’s your background and your experience with AWS?

I come from a Linux and programming background which I did for about 20 years before getting started with AWS. I've been using AWS for over 5 years, and as you've probably guessed from my name, my specialty is on the security side of things. I enjoy building and hosting workshops and other hands on activities for AWS users to learn best practices and how to avoid common security mistakes.

What’s the biggest benefit you see from the program?

Networking with other builders is by far the biggest benefit. I've collaborated with a number of builders in 2022 and plan on expanding on that even more in 2023. Meeting so many builders and networking with them in person at re:Invent was a great experience as well.

What’s the next swag item that you would like to get?

Image description
Image description

Jason and Karissa always comes up with the best swag. It will be hard to top the oversized coffee mug and Osprey trail pack that I received this year. I'm sure they will come up with something even more spectacular next year. :)

What are you eating for dinner today? Share the recipe!

Deep Dish Pizza (the photo is not the actual pizza).

Image description

Deep Dish Pizza Dough, this dough is easy to work with and gives a thick crust. If you're not on a diet you can replace some of the water with butter.

3 Cups flour. I'm use KA Sir Lancelot Hi Gluten flour. If you use bread flour you may want to look for one with a high gluten, but any bread flour will give a good result.
1/2 T sea salt
1/2 T sugar
1 packet of Quick rise, rapid rise or instant yeast. The only difference in those is the brand.
1 1/4 cups warm water (under 90 degrees)

Mix the dry items then add the liquids.

I put this in a mixer with a dough hook and knead it until I have a smooth dough. About five minutes but you really have to use your judgement on the time.

Pull the dough and quickly knead it by hand in to a round smooth ball. Set your dough in a oiled bowl.

You can either cover it with a damp cloth or plastic wrap. Either way I spray the top of the dough with non-stick spray.

Let it rise 1-2 hours or until it doubles.

Punch the dough and your ready to roll.

Use about 14 oz of dough for a large deep dish.

I spray my deep dish pans and put the dough in then let the dough rest for 15 min or so, until the crust starts to rise again.

Put a layer of cheese, then a layer of sausage, covering the whole pizza, top it off with some pizza sauce and finally some parmesan cheese.

Bake at 400 degrees for 40 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.

Is there anything else you would like to say about the community builders program in 2022?

Thanks for a great year!! I'm looking forward to more building in 2023!!!

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Jason Dunn [AWS]

Great write-up Nick, thank you for sharing it. ❤️

Merry Christmas! 🎄