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Somewhere along the way...
We decided
that this
is an acceptable way to communicate.
Please. Stop.

This is probably because of phones -- folks typing a quick message to say "hey there is more coming" because typing a long message on a phone can take a while, and many people hate this message even more than the above:



Yeah, that explains the source, but I know people break their messages apart like this even when on a keyboard - although not to such small chunks.

Really, unless people expect a response in the style of "I'ma let you finish" in between the messages, it should all be a single message.


Oh I hate this. I've seen a few people who do this and it quickly grows to 20+ individual messages -- because the people themselves ramble. 😵

Oh yeah, I ramble, especially IRL :D
But that's also why I try and keep my messages on point. Even if that means completely rewriting them 3 times :P

Yeah, I do that same thing sometimes. And yes, I'm also an IRL rambler. Lol

Haha. I’m a fellow “rambler” too jsn1nj4. I think that’s actually why I like remote work, so I can keep myself from chatting too much IRL. By the way, great article Nick. I just posted an article about removing noisy distractions and then I saw yours about Slack. These are some great points. :)

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