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A fair comparison of React.js and Vue.js in 2019 and beyond!

A lot of developers have been unfairly comparing react to vue, but the truth is that you might have gotten some facts wrong! I'll try to be fair in this comparison

Firstly let's quickly look at this chart in google trends

vue vs react rotciv comparism

You'll see that React wins, but let's be honest, Vue is more used in Asian Countries especially china which is the birth home of Vue.

First, it’s not fair to use google charts to compare framework popularity. For instance Chinese users (where Vue is really strong) don’t have access to Google, also if the framework you choose to work with is complex or has a lot of trouble shooting you might use the search engine more in search

React on the other hand is an american company, and that alone gives react a huge community support and secondly its made by a company that have already made a name.

Remember a good name is often better than silver and gold!

Github stars

Some developers measure a frameworks popularity by their stargazers, lets take a look at both

react stargazers

vue stargazers
ignore the other information in the pictures

From the little pictures there, we'll find out that Vue has about 153 thousand stars, while React has about 139 thousand stars.


React is more popular and searched programming technology in comparison to Vue.

This statement would have been true only if Chinese developers and users are massively using google, but since the Chinese don't do much of "our google" we can't say for sure that "X" wins "Y" but we can keep our finger crossed that in some areas "Vue" wins and in another area "React" wins it all depends on your location.
A Chinese developer will simply tell you that Vue wins in his country since it's used more there while an American developer will tell you that React wins, this is likely to be 'the chicken and the egg problem'

Time Traveling

Ok, let's put on our imagination helmet and time travel, imagine Vue not Angular been backed by google in the year 2014, a year after React was created, if Vue had been backed by a huge company like google, i believe that by now React would have been not worth mentioning in 2020 despite been backed by facebook.

Learning Curve

The learning curve is the ability of software developers to apply the codes of a particular language/framework or library. Between these two programming technologies, Vue is more friendly for web developers according to the statistics.

Material Design Component Frameworks

While this might not be worth mentioning its very good to mention that a component frameworks eases the overhead cost of bootstrapping the UI of your application.

Component frameworks are sets of well-defined interfaces that establish the protocols for component cooperation within the framework. These protocols are used by component developers to ensure the interoperability of their components within the scope of a given framework.

Let's take a look at the number of matured component framework each framework has.

For Vue

We have:

For React

We have

If you've not heard of a component framework, it may be time to look into them.

Conclusion: React vs Vue

Based on the representation of my above analysis with the help of statistics and facts, we can summarize the following points about React vs Vue:

  • React is more popular than Vue in the US and English speaking countries
  • While Vue without doubt is more popular than React in Asian Countries
  • React is backed with a top brand, facebook but Vue is not.
  • Vue comes with battries* which makes it easier than React to get started with, especially the Vue UI which provides a graphical interface to work with.
  • The production size of Vue is smaller than React, no doubt!
  • Vue has more component frameworks than React

At the end of this blog, I assume that your doubts have got cleared regarding the right tech-stack for your application development. If you are still in dilemma then talk to an expert from a reputed web app development company

if you want to share your personal experience, you can reach me through the comment section at the end.

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Tobias SN • Edited

If you had typed just “Vue” instead of “Vue.js” in Google Trends, the chart would’ve looked more like this:

Also, React is developed by Facebook, not a dedicated company.

navicsteinr profile image
Navicstein Rotciv

That would not be a fair comparison too, check the "Related queries" of "vue" and you'll see that most keywords are off topic, but while in react they tend to tally with the search term "react vs vue google trends"

tobiassn profile image
Tobias SN • Edited

Actually, the related queries for React are equally irrelevant. So if we do "Vue.js" vs. "React.js", we get this:

(Sorry about hovering over one specific point, I only realized that after I posted)