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How to manage your time ?

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We have to manage our time efficiently. It's one of the most important thing to accomplish to become a successful developer.
It's really hard to accomplish but if you try to do it every single day, it'll be easier over time⏱️.

First prioritize your important tasks.📝

Divide large tasks into small pieces.📌

Complete harder tasks within the first hours of your day.😪

Stay away from the time wasters in your productive hours.📵

Plan your relaxation time before hand, it's also essential.😌

Don't try to do multi-task at one time. It's a myth.↔️

Don't try to be a perfectionist. Nothing will we fully perfect.👌

Thanks for reading !😃

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I couldn't agree more with "Complete harder tasks within the first hours of your day." I don't spend time reading/replying emails, for an example, when I first sit down in front of the computer. I start getting right into thinking about the hard problem.

I like the list. Thanks for sharing!


Divide and conquer, a winning technique no matter if it's computer science or something else 😁.

I do timeboxing. I set block specific time intervals on my calendar to do pretty much everything, whether it is checking email or writing code, that way I am indistractable.

Starting with the hard tasks first is also something I tend to do. Once you achieve them it gives you a boost that motivates you to finish the other ones.

About avoiding perfectionism, done is better than perfect 🔥. Making it perfect takes too much effort and the rewards then to be miniscule, think the pareto principle.


Plan to and stick to the plan to get adequate sleep. Sufficient restful sleep is very important.


You can cycle and read for example.
Multichannel multitasking does work. Keep it unitasking per channel. You can't really read and YouTube tutorials at the same time.

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