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Navdeep Mishra
Navdeep Mishra

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Store your notes in your browser 😎πŸ”₯

Hi Dev's, Today I'll be sharing one of my starter projects when I was learning web development. The one of the most useful tool for everyone which is a Notes app. We all want to store our notes so I just wanted to create a notes app without any backend just frontend.

Interesting.... hmm...

It now more than 3 years I guess, that time I didn't knew the backend and was just exploring the frontend. Although there are several notes apps, but as a developer I wanted to learn the process and then I thought to create a mini project on this.

This stores your notes on your browser which is completely local, Offers a nice clean UI, Edit & Delete option and other handy features.

3 years back, That day, I opened my VS Code and created this. NoteFizz

This is completely mobile friendly as well so you can use it from your mobile browser.

Just Try it out and rate it. What you guys think how it could more useful.

NoteFizz desktop image

NoteFizz mobile image

Let me know in the comments, if any Ideas and suggestions you have. 😎

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