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Why Should You Choose CrowdStrike Falcon Over Other EDRs?

Networked devices are continuously increasing, and more employees are working from home. This indicates that attackers have more targets to choose from, and most are vulnerable, increasing the risk of a damaging attack.

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How much does it cost?
An average attack causes $3.86 million in the loss. It requires almost 280 days to detect and mitigate, as per the findings by IBM, which is just an unacceptable risk for most businesses, which is why comprehensive cybersecurity is necessary. Looking at the stats, having one managed EDR for your business to secure all its endpoints is of utmost importance. Of course, any brand can claim that its services are the best or that they add value to its clients. However, CrowdStrike can fully back those assertions with verifiable statistics. Dig in to know why one should always choose CrowdStrike EDR over other EDRs.

Significant competitive advantages

CrowdStrike (NASDAQ: MSFT) has been named the industry leader in endpoint security by Gartner and Forrester in recent studies. CrowdStrike delivers the advantage of being platform agnostic. This implies that its software is not just meant for specific operating systems; it works remarkably well in Linux, Mac, and Windows systems. CrowdStrike's network impact secures its competitive advantage even further.

The cloud-based Threat Graph of the brand gets data from all secured user devices. It then applies AI algorithms to continually evaluate that information in search of unique or unusual threats. CrowdStrike utilizes that data to prevent similar attacks on all clients' devices whenever a threat is detected on one user's device.

Real-Time Visibility

The CrowdStrike Security Cloud uses world-class AI to generate actionable insights, recognize shift patterns in adversarial strategies, and trace tools of the trade in the patented Threat Graph to invariably stop threats in real-time. CrowdStrike EDR provides complete visibility and insight into all that is occurring on endpoints to keep you ahead of emerging threats and prevent breaches.


CrowdStrike has modernized cybersecurity with the world's most sophisticated cloud-native technology, which covers major corporate risk areas such as endpoints, cloud workloads, and authentication. With free platform access, you can break through the buzz of an overcrowded cybersecurity sector and learn how CrowdStrike compares to competing security solutions or managed EDRs.

24/7 Threat Hunting

Advanced attacks need a combination of automation and human knowledge in the form of expert threat hunters. Now ACE has also partnered with CrowdStrike offering double defense to their customers. Falcon OverWatch scans for risks on behalf of our consumers. An expert team of threat hunters works around the clock as an extra layer of defense to capture what other methods overlook.


The CrowdStrike Falcon Platform is built to be a scalable solution, providing modern and allowing for the newest additional security measures without the need to re-build or re-engineer the platform.

A Single Agent

The CrowdStrike Falcon Portal, developed in the cloud with a single lightweight-agent architecture, offers hyper-accurate alerts, automated defense and mitigation, expert threat hunting, and prioritized vulnerability accuracy.

World Class AI-Driven Intelligence

The CrowdStrike Security Platform combines trillions of security alerts every day with attack indicators, industry-leading threat detection, and enterprise metrics from user endpoints, workflows, identities, Operations, IT assets, and setups. The Threat Graph accumulates additional data when more customers join CrowdStrike, which enhances the AI algorithms and delivers greater security for all clients.

Why CrowdStrike beat the competition?

CrowdStrike, in partnership with ACE managed EDR, beats the other managed EDRs with three B's: Better Value, Better Protection, and Better Performance.

CrowdStrike's vital competitive status in combination with Ace Cloud Hosting to provide top-notch EDR security services has given it a price advantage, which has increased its gross margin over the past few years. This, paired with high revenue growth, can potentially make CrowdStrike EDR and ACE-managed EDR highly successful in the future. CrowdStrike, on the other hand, is a founder-led firm providing efficient, cost-effective services to help organizations secure their data.

Get insight into the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform in partnership with the ACE Managed Security Solutions and powered by the CrowdStrike Security Cloud to understand why enterprises prefer CrowdStrike over other competitors.

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