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Top 10 SEO Predictions for 2021

natmiletic profile image Nat Miletic ・2 min read

Here are my top 10 SEO predictions for 2021:

1 - Long-form content continues to rule

Content length has been important for a number of years and the importance keeps increasing.

Articles and content with over 2000 words outrank content with 1000 words.

This trend will continue.

2 - Importance of performance and UX

Google has indicated that core web visuals will become a ranking factor.

Making sure that your website loads fast and meets other UX metrics will be very important.

3 - Fixing SEO errors and issues

Find SEO errors and issues on your website and fix them.

This is a table-stakes exercise and should be done on a weekly and monthly basis.

Automate this as much as possible.

4 - Mobile-first SEO

This one goes without saying.

With more and more users coming to your website via mobile, design with mobile-first in mind.

This goes for performance and SEO tuning as well.

5 - Incorporating structured data

Incorporating structured data is going to become more and more important.

This can land you feature snippets on Google and help you outrank your competition.

Check out for more info

6 - Tune for voice search

Voice search will become more and more important.

When tuning your website for keywords, consider how people would ask a question in a conversational way.

FAQs and schema can help you here.

7 - Tune for landing feature snippet SERPs

Featured snippets can help you outrank the competition. This will continue to be the case.

You can land these on the search engine results pages (SERP) if your content answers a user's query directly.

Schema can help you here as well.

8 - Focus on search intent

This one is hard to pull off with long-form content especially. This is becoming more and more important.

Did the user find an answer to their query when they landed on your website or did they bounce right away?

Tune for stickiness.

9 - Incorporating other types of content

Including other types of content on your pages can improve your ranking.

Including things like images and videos will improve your page ranking.

Long-form content still rules, however.

10 - Focus on local SEO

Good local SEO will continue to reign supreme.

This is because Google will always try to deliver the most relevant search result to the user.

Create a Google Business Profile and fill out as much info as possible.

If you want to learn more about web development or SEO, visit Clio Websites or follow me on Twitter. Happy learning!

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