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re: DEV.TO writers, what MD tools do you use? VIEW POST


I write posts for my Jekyll-powered blog locally using VSCode and a couple markdown extensions, then I cross post them here. I host that blog with Github pages, so once I've published it it's pretty easy to paste the markdown here and simply point the images to my repo (much faster for me than using the built-in image uploader).

Codepens can be a little irritating to convert though, still looking for a better solution there.


Nathan, how do you point images to the repo? I presume they are relative paths in the original markdown. Do you have a script or do it by hand? And does GitHub mind?


Hey Max – when I'm writing markdown locally for my Jekyll-powered blog, I use relative links.

Since I use Github Pages for hosting, once I push my post to the repository, I can just grab the image links from the resulting webpage that's live on my blog. I do it by hand currently, but I still find it faster than using the image upload utility.

Honestly, there is probably a better way. But it's worked well enough for me so far!

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