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Nathan A. Hains
Nathan A. Hains

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First Mile at Flatiron School for Software Engineering


My name is Nathan Hains. I am currently 22 years old looking to further progress my journey as a Software Engineer at Flatiron School. I began this journey at Suffolk County Community College through an Intro to Java Class. I will admit my introduction into the programming world was difficult. That challenge, however, is what really pushed me to further my knowledge. I looked up to my professor and his skillset. I wanted to learn what it took to get to where they were. From there I was decided on where to focus my attention for the years to come.

After graduating from SCCC I had gotten accepted into Farmingdale State College with a major in Computer Programming/ Information Systems for my BA. I had completed 2 semesters when I heard about the world of Coding Bootcamps. I was/am still very much in full force for attaining my bachelors at Farmingdale. But I decided to first focus my efforts on completing a Coding Bootcamp. I had heard great reviews from various bootcamp alumni. Flatiron in specific had caught my eye from the start. The passion I saw in these Flatiron graduates was inspiring. Regular people, like me, had changed their lives for the better! I saw how rewarding the challenge of completion can be and focused my efforts on how I could be one of these people.

Now, on February 1st, 2021, I can proudly say I am beginning my First Mile with Flatiron School as a Software Engineer. I have met with my Cohorts and saw the happy faces of my fellow students. It is super exciting to see where the next 5 month will take us all. I am ready for this challenge. I will update my journey in hopes to serve as a source of inspiration as others have been for me. See everyone in the next milestone! Wish me luck!

Nathan Hains,
Future Software Engineer

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