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⚑⚑ Level Up Your Cloud Experience with These 7 Open Source Projects 🌩️

The seven open-source projects I will mention are not only essential tools for cloud-native innovation, but they also offer a strategic advantage in today's fast-paced digital world.

In this article, I have put together key points that set these open-source projects to the level of AWESOME! πŸš€


1. Winglang


Wing has introduced a programming language called Winglang, a cloud-oriented programming language that allows developers to build distributed systems, leveraging cloud services as first-class citizens.

The language introduces two execution phases, preflight and inflight, which are connected in a way that delegates the creation of IAM policies and network topologies to the compiler.

This connection helps to explain the value of the inflight and preflight concepts, as it allows developers to focus on business logic instead of cloud mechanics, thereby accelerating iteration cycles and improving the creative flow.

The magic is in the preflight and inflight execution phases:

  • Preflight: Code that runs once, at compile time, and generates the infrastructure configuration of your cloud application. For example, setting up databases, queues, storage buckets, API endpoints, etc.

  • Inflight: Code that runs at runtime and implements your application's behavior. For example, handling API requests, processing queue messages, etc. Inflight code can be executed on various computing platforms in the cloud, such as function services (such as AWS Lambda or Azure Functions), containers (such as ECS or Kubernetes), VMs, or even physical servers. πŸ‘‡

Please star ⭐ Winglang

2. Fission


Fission is a framework for serverless functions on Kubernetes.

  • Write short-lived functions in any language, and map them to HTTP requests (or other event triggers).

  • Deploy functions instantly with one command. There are no containers to build, and no Docker registries to manage.

Please star ⭐ Fission

3. OpenFaaS


Run your code anywhere with the same unified experience and deploy OpenFaaS anywhere you have Kubernetes.

  • Deploy a new function to production within a few minutes, knowing it will scale to meet demand.

  • Invoke functions through events from Apache Kafka, AWS SQS, Postgresql, Cron, and MQTT.

Please star ⭐ OpenFaaS

4. Space Cloud

Space Cloud

Space Cloud is an open-source, kubernetes based platform that lets you build, scale, and secure cloud-native apps at scale.

  • It provides instant GraphQL and REST APIs for your database and microservices that can be consumed directly from your front end in a secure manner.

  • Deploys and scales your docker images on Kubernetes.

Please star ⭐ Space Cloud

5. Pulumi


Manage infrastructure, secrets, and configurations intuitively on any cloud.

  • Author infrastructure code using programming languages you know and love. Write statements to define infrastructure using your IDE with autocomplete, type checking, and documentation.

  • Test your code with unit tests and deliver it through CI/CD pipelines to validate and deploy to any cloud.

Please star ⭐ Pulumi

6. Gitpod


Be inspired,
check dependencies, checkout branch, viewreadme.txt, install tools, run build, run test,
start building.

  • Context-switch between environments, no waiting, no conflicts.

  • Share preview environments per branch for faster feedback from developers to designers to QA.

Please star ⭐ Gitpod

7. Knative


Knative Serving builds on Kubernetes to support deploying and serving of applications and functions as serverless containers.

  • Rapid deployment of serverless containers

  • Automatic scaling up and down to zero

  • Routing and network programming

  • Point-in-time snapshots of deployed code and configurations

Please star ⭐ Knative

Thank you for checking out these seven POWERFUL open-source projects that you should consider when building in the cloud.πŸ₯‡

One of the best ways to support open-source software is with a star 🌟

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Anurag D

Great collection

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Nathan Tarbert

Thank you @anuragdeore, glad you liked it!

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Shai Ber

Great list, thanks for sharing!

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

Thanks for the positive feedback @shaiber!

Wing has built an amazing product and I love the fact that it's open-source. I've enjoyed contributing since I came across them.

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Thanks to your kindly sharing !

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Nathan Tarbert

You're welcome @ivy__y!
I'm glad you found value the list of amazing cloud resources!

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Mary Ajayi


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Biplob Sutradhar

Great list πŸ‘

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Nathan Tarbert

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

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great list. thank you for sharing.

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Nathan Tarbert

Thanks for your feedback @shreya_gr.
I'm glad you like it!

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Nevo David

Great list! Thank you so much for posting!
Gonna give WingLang a try!

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

Thanks @nevodavid for the great feedback!

I can't wait to hear back after you start building with Wing.
I've been extremely impressed and I think you will too.

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Oh i love gitpod... just build, no fuss. :)

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Nathan Tarbert

@kiselitza, I agree, they are really awesome!

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Saved this article for the future. Thanks!

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Nice! Thanks for sharing!!

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Nathan Tarbert

You're welcome!

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Saurabh Rai

Gitpod is awesome. Code on the go !!

And Winglang seems interesting as well.

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Great Article !!!

Thanks for sharing !