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We' ve Just Launched !

"BLST detects broken business logic in your API and maps it into a simple, integrated platform"

At BLST (Business Logic Security Testing) we provide security testing for APIs throughout the software development lifecycle, making it easy for DevOps and AppSec teams to find and fix potential vulnerabilities. By automating security testing, we helps teams shift left in the CI/CD process, improving system security and saving time and money.

We just release our SaaS-based API security testing services which provides comprehensive, continuous, and cost-effective protection for your APIs. By deploying these services, you can quickly and easily get the expert protection you need to keep your APIs safe from logical anomalies.
While in your development process, if you need to learn a new API, imagine having a tool that will produce a complete real-time endpoints map and will guide you through with a params table. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

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