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Favorite Rails 6 Small Changes/Features

natevick profile image Nate Vick twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

With Rails 6 on the horizon, we all know the big features and changes to the framework, but what about the small features and changes.

I'm looking forward to these additions.

rails db:system:change to change the database of the application.

rails db:prepare to create a database if it doesn't exist, and run its migrations.

What small features and changes are you looking forward to?

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I'm definitely intrigued by ActionMailer. A toolkit for rolling more of my own stuff in email-world is definitely interesting.


This is what peaked my interest most too! Brings to mind some interesting ideas for sure


Introduce ActionDispatch::ActionableExceptions.

The ActionDispatch::ActionableExceptions middleware dispatches actions from ActiveSupport::ActionableError descendants.

Actionable errors let's you dispatch actions from Rails' error pages.

I saw this in Rails 6 B-Sides and Rarities

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