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Definitely riding my motorcycle. The only activity I can do alone, far from the noise of the city and my computer. I live in a busy town but also near Le Véxin Français and La Chevreuse which are famous places for riders here in France. I could not believe my eyes when I first got my motorcycle license, my motorcycle and rode down there. Knowing that I'm not far from these (see link). There are some astonishing views. I don't ride for speeding, though I have a bike that makes a lot of noise and is ready for the circuit. I ride for the pleasure of riding my motorcycle I had a hard time to pay with my student wage. Just saying hello with the famous sign to motorcyclist like me knowing we are here for the same reasons. It just feels good to have these kinds of moments for ourselves, even though I am a loving people person. When I'm not riding after work I just spend time washing my motorcycle or installing new items I just ordered online. It feels good to work on it, knowing I get to customize it the way I intend it to be and succeeding (or not) to install some after market parts. It is both challenging and rewarding.


Clothes shopping, definitely! (probably not on your list)


Video games if those count?
Language learning
Learning an instrument
Traveling (cliché but ... it’s when I’m happiest)


Surfing, running and riding my motorcycle. They're a nice balance to the technical activities.

  • Being outdoors(walking, biking, hiking).
  • Reading books
  • Board Games
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