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Natalie Lang
Natalie Lang

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Try and fail, but don't fail to try.

That's the quote that I saw on my momentum dashboard this morning. It seemed pretty pertinent.

For months I have been telling myself that I'm going to start blogging. I kept debating with myself and making excuses.

Should I start an online course and use blog posts to track my progress? Should I write about an interesting project at work? Should I write about something I'm working on in my spare time? Should I focus on a concept that I've always found difficult and use a blog to make it clearer to me and others?

I couldn't decided on what the "right" thing would be to start with and convinced myself that until I found that thing, I shouldn't write anything.

Today I decided to just jump in, to just try - what have I got to lose? It's almost as if Chrome knew.

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