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I passed PSM I Certification

Hello all,
So, I took a break from coding for some time and decided to opt for PSM I certification and I am very delighted to share the news that I passed my PSM I Certification and after going through all the tedious process, I wanted to share my journey with you all just as an assistance for your future endeavors.
PSM I stands for professional scrum master certification and is pivotal for people who want to grasp the concepts of Agile and Scrum development processes and their implementation.
Myself being a software engineer and having the experience of Business analyst for more than six years considers this certification as an add-on in my career in terms of both learning and growth.
The steps that I followed to achieve the goal of passing the exam is as follows:

Step I: Register yourself on and download the official scrum guide from the following link:
This document is very important, you need to read it thoroughly and understand the concepts very well.

Step II:

To get extra practice, I used the following resources:

Free Open Assessments from
The questions here are lesser than actual test but gives you a fair idea of what you will have in the exam

Charged Resource
I purchased this resource for about 15-20$ but I would say it is worth the money as there are unlimited tests available which will give you very good practice for the actual exam

Free Resource

Step III:

After I had done too many practice tests and when I felt confident enough to appear in the exam, I purchased the certification for $200 (which is a hefty amount in my opinion since they are not even giving a hard copy of the certificate) from and attempted it the same day. Make sure there are no distractions during the test and read the questions carefully before answering. The tactic which worked for me was to read the options one by one and discard the irrelevant ones straightaway so you can focus on the likely answers, this strategy will also save time.
The exam is of 60 minutes with 80 questions which means you have 40 seconds to spend on every question but since I had already done a lot of practice tests so I could manage the time very well and I even had around 15 minutes left in the end to revise my answers and change them (if needed)

I scored 91% in the exam and got a congratulations email from with the certificate and badge. The certificate does not expire so it's good to showcase this skill in your resume.

It's really not necessary that you pass the exam in the first attempt, don't worry if you didn't make it in the first time, you can practice more and give it another try and you will nail it.

This is all about the certification process. If you have any more questions regarding the process, you can leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Meanwhile, happy coding...

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