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Krzysztof Buczynski
Krzysztof Buczynski

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Hacktober Fest Project #1

Hacktober fest has began !.

As my first project I have decided to try out VueJs 3.
So lets talk about project ideas...

I had different suggestion starting from simple calendar which syncs with Google Calendars or GitHub contribution graph.

However I looked at my old outdated ME website which I hosted on GitHub Pages for a while. Decided its time to refresh it.

My older page was previously written in Angular and it was pretty outdated in terms of design and functionality.
(I am a back-end geek so any front-end work is like black magic for me)

Because I heard and tried a lot of VueJS 2 within my professional career life. I decided VueJS 3 will be nice fresh touch. So I went out there read about VueJS CLI and how to structure a VueJS project.

End result can be found here.

I have supported my self using VueJS-Bootstrap components since I am not a front-end wizard.

Project #2 next. What it going to be... time will tell.

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