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Difference between language, framework and library

Hello All!

Today I thought to talk about the difference between library, framework and language as many junior developers think they are one and the same.


First and for most, Language is is a set of commands, directions, and different syntax used to form a software program. It is what’s used to give the computer directions in order to meet our goals.

Examples include: Python, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, Swift, Go..etc


A framework is a platform for development, providing foundations on which you as the developer can build on. Think of it like a canvas, its ready for you to just paint on.

The difference between library and framework is what’s called inversion of control. Library allows you to control where you want to put and build your code, while a framework is already in set of the flow and has places already set for you to place your code.

Examples Include: Ruby on Rails, Angular, Vue, Express, Bootstrap, Drupal...etc.


Library is an easy one, it is literally a library that holds a collection of objects, functions, methods... anything to make your code easier to build and less clutter. They are written by other developers to make your life easier and saves you time for coding. Easy right!

I hope this helps!

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Otu Michael

I'm a little confused about the difference between a framework and a library. Could you give some examples of a library? Thanks

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Of course!
You can think of a framework like a prewritten paper that is set up for you and ll you have to do is go in and fill in the parts acustomed to you. React.js is a great example framework for the language JavaScript. They both use the same syntax, but React makes it easier for you to code then regular vanilla JavaScript.

A library is like a dictionary, its filled with useful information like variables and functions, classes and much more. There are hundrends of libraries, you have to find one that suits to whatever youre building.

Does this help clarify it a bit more?

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