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Target Learning

In learning, let's try implementing the law of measuring twice and cutting once by planning the learning process so it goes through successfully. Three important benefits if you practice targeted learning, these being:

Efficiency in grasping concepts and using them.

Effectivity in solving common problems in a domain.

In-depth understanding of tools, services, and frameworks used in the field.

What is targeted learning?

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This is a learning style focused on helping the student experience the most understanding after learning something, to gain the max amount of theory and muscle memory as a package after exposure to learning material.

Let's look at how I use it and I hope my explanation can give you enough value that you can try it out.

STEP 1: prep work

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  • Choose what you intend to master and write that down.

    • When choosing the subject to learn with a proper understanding of how you will use it somewhere.
    • Before starting the learning process discuss with someone, and do research to find out what's important to learn.
    • Find out how deep you must learn concepts, and how to practice them.
  • With whatever you have researched you need additional information:

    • What tools will I need to master using.
    • where you can access the tools and practice the tools.
    • how you will benefit from using these tools compared to others.

STEP 2: remove fluff

  • Do a proper introspection with the sole purpose to understand which is the best learning style that works for you.

  • For that subject, go see how many types of material available and if there is
    material for the learning style that works best for you.

  • Compile a learning list or vision board about that subject and point out the fundamentals that must be learned using your particular successful learning style.

  • Get clarity and help from someone with experience to validate your learning list and if its too broad or narrow to apply in a way that earns money.

Step 3: now, lets learn

  • Prepare yourself for learning:

    • Excercise and keep the body well rested after that.
    • Eat well and get proper hydration.
    • Remove all distractions from your learning space and your devices.
  • Prepare your learning space and time to be consistent so you will get max consumption habit in your system it's easy to neglect this but its important.

  • Please start learning the fundamentals using the learning style of your choice and write notes and a summary after you finish.

  • Soon as you finish learning something new immediately put it to practice.

STEP 4: create experience

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  • After you had started learning this, I am sure you had something you intended to do to implement that or a place you will be working and using it.

  • Start your research on when you can start expressing or using what you have learned, in a way that benefits you or preferably someone else.

  • Look at the company you intend to work for or the place you intend to use that tool and find the trends happening there.

  • After you have found the trends of the domain, and also the methods how the skills you learned are used. Now get guidance again if your process you want to use.

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