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Postman Tip : Upload a File

nareshravlani profile image nareshravlani ・1 min read

Here's a tip you might find useful if you work with REST API and need to upload a file. Postman can be of good use to test this upload file API. Just follow these steps :

  1. Set method type to "POST"
  2. Select "Body"
  3. Select "form-data"
  4. Hover cursor on the right-most side of "Key" text-box. You will see a drop-down appearing magically with "text" as selected value.
  5. Select "File" from the drop-down options and you will see "Select Files" button appearing in the value text-box.
  6. Click on "Select Files" and it will open a file dialog.
  7. Select one or more files and click on "Open" button.


Voila !! You are all set to send a request with Files.


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