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Provision and Deploy webapp using AWS Amplify

narenandu profile image Narendra Kumar Vadapalli ・2 min read

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AWS Amplify Console

You Need to sign in to AWS account by clicking on on Once the credentials are provided, should see welcome screen like the following

Alt Text

Connecting Github (source code)

Since the code for my website is already hosted on github, we choose From your existing code option as shown and Github
Alt Text

Choose the repo

Alt Text

Choose the branch

Alt Text

Adding in the custom environment variables

Once we hit the Next button, there will be App Settings and under Advanced Settings, there is a provision to add the custom env vars that we want to secure from exposing them in source code. I have Google Analytics connected to my website to track the insights in to the audience. More details here: Adding Google Analytics to personal website

Alt Text

Connecting the deployment to custom domain

As per, by default the deployment happens at the custom url in the following format
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This step enables us to connect any custom domain to the deployment process. This step will take time as it has to issue SSL certificates and then verify the ownership, finally propagates the DNS records
Alt Text

Domain Activation

If the SSL certificate issued successfully and the ownership is verified, Domain will be activated

Alt Text

Potential Issue

SSL Configuration step could just be not moving forward and stuck for more than 1 hour

Alt Text


Just delete the custom domain and restart the process

Alt Text


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