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To the brain, reading computer code is not the same as reading language

“Understanding computer code seems to be its own thing. It’s not the same as language, and it’s not the same as math and logic,” says Anna Ivanova, an MIT graduate student and the lead author of the study.

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Just finished reading the article. I find it to be rather interesting but also true. I remember the first time I looked at code in my teens, I assumed it would be like writing and that once I knew what each of the symbols meant, I would be able to 'write' programs as I 'write my stories'. Fast forward to getting into college and majoring in Computer Science for nearly three years now and I tend to think of it less like writing a story and more like having these building blocks and functionalities I can use to hack together solutions to problems I want to solve. Yet even then, it still doesn't feel as rigorous as learning and problem solving in math feels like.