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Some tips from when you work from home

napolux profile image Francesco Napoletano ・2 min read

Here are some tricks for the occasional "work from home": many of us are working from home right now due to the coronavirus flu and I'd like to share what I've learnt in these years of constant (but not full) work from home.

Maybe they can be applied also to freelancers, but they are more used to work from home and they get their working routine very early...

  • Respect the usual morning routine: shower, brush your teeth…
  • Dress casual if you want, but dress yourself (no pajamas) and always put your shoes on (this tricks your mind into thinking you’re not home for "lazyness")
  • Wake up at the same time you wake up when you go to the office
  • Do your laundry, bed, etc... BEFORE actually start working (avoid housing distractions!)
  • Find a silent spot in your home away from kids, if you have any. Discard this if you have to watch for your kids while working from home (you’re my hero in this case)
  • Take your time. If you are used to get a coffee around 11am in the office, do the same at home
  • Lunch break of 1 hour? Make a 1 hour break. Usually eating at your desk? Do a speed lunch even at home.
  • If you usually leave the office at 6pm, stop working at 6pm
  • If you need Internet connection stop every torrent/heavy download you may have on your own network
  • Check the VPN (or whatever connection you use) the night before (or better, some time in advance) in order to be ready in case of problems.
  • NO TV! (just put some music on if you feel bored)
  • Do some little walk around the house every hour
  • Drink plenty of water

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Julia Moskaliuk

Hi, Francesco! Many thanks for your tips list. I have one more here -

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