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Our favourite Spotify Playlist for Coding

nanythery profile image Nadine M. Thêry ・1 min read

Such a random post! But I just felt in the need of sharing my favorite playlists while coding/working. I am always looking for new playlists to boost my productivity and help me focus.

I have recently started working in an open-plan office. This sounds nice, but the ugly truth is that I get constantly distracted by the noise and chatting. So I have bought a great pair of Bose Headphones with noise cancellation, which I found them to be a great invest (quite expensive, but worth it).

On the other hand, I also tend to get distracted by music in my own language (Spanish), and also by pop music. Probably because my brain forces me to sing along.

So, these are my most played Spotify playlist for working:

Tomorrowland Official Playlist
Inception OST
Focus Coding
Pure Mellow Jazz
This is Hans Zimmer

What about you? Which are your favorite playlists?

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At my 30s I found out that there was a developer inside a Political Science Graduated. I've been COO an CMO for 4 years but I decided to persue my dream and become a Front-end developer:)


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Soundscapes For Gaming are amazing! Thanks! :)


I definitely just added Soundscapes for Gaming. I immediately liked it, thank you!


Post rock or electronica work often well with coding, I'm with you 👍


the stop everything is snowing sounds giving me a trans right now. I think I can finish this feature in a week with this music. thanks.


I know its not Spotify powered, but I can't get enough of ChilledCow's lofi hip hop radio on YouTube - youtube.com/watch?v=hHW1oY26kxQ


ChilldedCow has a profile with a daily playlist on Spotify if you want to save some bandwidth stream the radio station. open.spotify.com/playlist/0vvXsWCC...


Spotify Premium apk has been my favorite app for some time now. I have the premium version, but after the last updates I have not been able to use my app, I've installed and re installed, updated to the latest version and nothing. I can even log on to cancel my subscription and I'm being still being charged. Don't get spotify right now. It's so frustrating!


This and Chillhop's lofi hip hop radio are my top go tos for programming soundtracks


I love this post! Here are a few of mine:

Coding and Crushing It
Bonobo Radio
Outrun/Future Synth

A co-worker recommended this one late yesterday, so I'm going to give it a try.


words aren't enough to thank you for the first link OH MY GAWWWWD what a experience! love it :) that's my jam


Any slow jazz like Bossonova helps, you can find many tracks on YouTube which are mostly 2 hrs or more . It depends on what I feel like listening, sometimes it's classic rock sometimes its Hans Zimmer or Jon Williams. As long as it helps ;-)


Here's my SoundCloud coding playlist:


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I'm not using Spotify but here's what I use to play for productivity.you can also listen to these on youtube:


Music where the bass don't go like "bum bum bum buuum bum bum bum bum bam bum" but more like "buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumm" you'll hear what I mean


Lots of progressive trance, I tune into Group Therapy with Above and Beyond every Friday, I am a bit less consistent with Corsten's Countdown and A State of Trance. Some days I go in a totally different direction and it is all hip-hop, emo, and punk rock.

If I had to leave everyone with one album to check out, it would be Airdrawndagger by Sasha. I consider it the best electronic album ever made.


I love to listen to JVNA I really like her style.


You can also find her mixes on youtube or soundcloud:




I work from home now. But as recently as a few years ago, I was at a decent-size company in town that moved to a brand new spiffy office building. When they did, they got rid of our cramped, sweaty, stinky "scrum rooms" (that the devs LOVED), and they replaced it with the dreaded "open floor plan". I told them, as soon as we moved to the new building, that you could easily walk around the whole (open) floor and tell, immediately, who was actually doing any real work - they're the ones with the headphones on. They kept crowing about the open floor plan as a harbinger of "collaboration". But anyone who hoped to accomplish their tasks wasn't collaborating with anyone - they were blocking out all the random noise with headphones.


I have three principal moods when coding:

  • Designing: I use instrumental music so I can think clearly

  • Researching and Coding: When I have to read documentation, implement and test new things. In that case I like fast tempo music without vocals

  • Only Coding: I already have the designs, the tasks and I know the technology I'm using so I can listen to music with vocals


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I love. I used spotify premium apk old versions on @apksapps.com/spotify-premium-apk/


I listen to anything that sounds good, which for me happens to be mostly in the rap genre. I've found that I can be productive with any kind of music as long as I find it good.


Yes, it's a bit Off Topic because it isn't on Spotify, but I like to develop playing Programmer's Music: programmersmusic.com/


Same here, I loved to listen to music while coding. That way, I can relax the mind through the whole coding, executing and debugging process.

Currently, I am using Spotify premium from thinkers and it works perfectly to use premium features for free. You can also get it from here - thinkkers.com/spotify-mod-apk/


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Apart from Spotify I really enjoy listening music on youtube music at divyanet.com/youtube-music-premium...


its such an amazing <3 i am loving this. Thanks


music is always a part of my everyday stuff. If you have any problem while playing spotify then you can always visit marketedly.com/ for more information


thanks a lot such a nice tracks one of best rather than from spotify