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Qwik: The Beginning of Faster, Better Web Apps

Qwik is a new web development framework which is built to improve the UX (User Experience) and DX (Developer Experience). How it improves the user experience is that it uses lazy loading and resumability. Lazy loading means that only the components that are needed at that point in time will be loaded and the rest of the components will not be loaded. Resumability means the web app can be paused and also resumed at any time without causing any changes in the state. These two features make websites built with Qwik faster than other websites. Currently, even the top fifty e-commerce websites out there have slow or medium speed. Qwik can help us change that. Users have become used to things being done instantly because that is how it is in desktop apps, we have to strive to provide the same experience to users in websites too. On the other hand, how Qwik improves the developer experience is that it is easy to learn, there is a lot of documentation and tutorials available, the syntax is simple, the structure is easy to understand and even developers who are new to web development can easily learn Qwik. It is also easy to migrate your project from any other framework to Qwik. I highly recommend giving Qwik a try!

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