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How to get the Top Computer Science Voice Badge on LinkedIn

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So I recently got a second Top Voice badge on LinkedIn and this time it was the Top Computer Science Voice badge. In this article, I will give you some tips as to how you too can get a Top Voice badge on LinkedIn. Such badges can build credibility and lead to more followers, so it is always a plus to have them. I had written a similar article to this one when I got the Top Software Engineering Practices Voice badge and if you want to read that article, go here. Although I have already written an article on this topic, this article will have completely different tips and tricks, so read on..

  • First choose the top voice badge that you want to get.
  • Then go to that topic and see the collaborative articles which are there for that topic.
  • Contribute to 3-5 questions per day.
  • Instead of contributing to articles of different topics, if you instead contribute to articles of the same topic, your chances of getting a badge soon increases.
  • Choose the topic wisely. It should be something that you have deep knowledge about and it should be something that is relevant to your current job.
  • Once you get the badge, you want to continue having it, so keep contributing to articles in the same topic because after 60 days, if or not you are eligible to have the badge will be reassessed.
  • Don't use AI to answer the questions in the collaborative articles. Write everything on your own to keep the content original.
  • Read books or articles about your topic regularly so that you are in touch with your subject.

What are your tips on how to get a Top Computer Science Voice badge or any other Top Voice badge on LinkedIn? Let us discuss in the comments!

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