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Naman vyas
Naman vyas

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Ideaas: A simple platform where lazy people can share their ideas with you and you can build them.


do you have an idea that you can not build, share them with the community.
you can check the product here👉:


I had one friend who always had ideas but not the skill to build them. So, he used to tell me the ideas and I used to build them. Then I thought, why not create a community where people can share their idea, discuss and then build them.


  • I'm going to add the option to sell an idea if you have more than a idea, such as a case study or some mvp.

  • Sorting and tags

  • Profile edit

Tech stack

  • Remix Run

  • TailwindCSS

  • cockroachDB

  • Prisma ORM

Thank you 😊

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Ido Schacham • Edited

I had some bench time several months ago and wanted to explore SvelteKit + MongoDB. So I asked my colleagues to give me some suggestions what I should build, and ended up implementing exactly this - an idea sharing and stealing platform!

I've released it as open source, so if anyone wants to run their own private idea sharing website, or maybe build upon it and contribute, there it is:

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Hello, that’s interesting! What’s the tech stack of website?

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Naman vyas

Thank you :)
I am using Remix run as framework, tailwindCSS or styling and postgresql for database.

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Vladislav Nikolaev

I also had such an idea for people to write their ideas on my specialized website :)

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Fadhil ⚡

Interesting work

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Lotfi Jebali

Interesting, thanks for sharing

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Adam Crockett

I’m thrilled this is the idea I had but forgot to build

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Jentan Bernardus

Looks promising. Although, the "Lazy people" got me thinking.
Why not "Non-techie or busy people" for example?

There are a lot of people who:

  1. Are not lazy, have great ideas, but they just lack the dev skills.
  2. Have so many ideas with dev skills, but too little time to build it themselves.

I've had a similar conversation on Twitter a month ago. I have tech skills, but lack of time to build all ideas.

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I see room for a lot of improvements. Do you have a public roadmap of this project? I'd be willing to contribute some ideaas.

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Naman vyas

I don't have a public roadmap for this idea, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. You can reach me on Twitter at gitrevert.