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Do you have to be formal when choosing your GitHub username?

nald_dev profile image Nald Dev ・1 min read

I feel maybe people previously having difficulty to remember my previous username "rynvva",

so i am choosing and renaming my github username to something unique and yet easy to remember, so here i am with my github username

in my opinion, GitHub username doesn't have to be formal but instead must easy to search for the other people

I wonder, can you show me your unique GitHub username and what reason?

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Amelia Vieira Rosado

As long as it represents you well, I do not see why it should be formal. Mine's technoglot. Trying to get that handle everywhere at this moment. Reason I chose it? I'm fluent in various human languages, so that would make me a polyglot (or multilingual). If I apply that same concept to technology and programming languages then: technology + poly glot = technoglot. That's the idea behind it 😂

P.S. : There's a handful of people out there already entertaining this idea, though they choose to call themselves "polyglot programmers". Whatever works 😁

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Jim Remsik


It's a nickname given to me by a friend who has since passed. If I were to do it all over again I would stay consistent across platforms. Everywhere else on social media you can find me at jremsikjr.

nald_dev profile image
Nald Dev Author

That's a short, easy to remember and a nice username, agree once you picked a username you must use it consistently especially when you have a lot of connections to peoples


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Cas Hoefman