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Did you have any travel experience that you can share?

If you did, please share

  1. Where and when?
  2. How did you manage all aspects including allocating the time?
  3. How was your experience?
  4. Is it cost you much money?
  5. Any tips?

I'm an introvert and rarely going out, and I'm thinking about travel to take a break from my routine activity.

Comments below, hoping someone to give their experiences and tips on this topic. Thanks!

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pomoich • Edited

When you have a good travel agent to take care of your bookings, it is like you have an expert and a well-wisher for Managing your trip. Just trust them with your requirements and they will come back with the best possible options and advice. I use this company to get bookings for my trip whenever I go on a vacation Since I have been working in the travel industry for 25 years, I have used travel agencies for the best option that I can find whenever I go on vacation especially If I go with friends.

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itachi7182 • Edited

I am keen on traveling, especially hiking or another active journey. Two years ago, I visited Europe and it was the best experience of my life. I have been to many famous places starting from the forests in Germany ending with the old castles in Scotland. Suppose you will make the same trip as me, try to be financially prepared because most tickets are not cheap. Also, try to use online ticket booking platforms such as because tickets become expensive near the departure date.