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10 best platforms for online courses.

nakumkailas profile image Kailas ・2 min read

Hello Guys,

Want to get better pay jobs????

Then you need to sharp your skills and its possible from online free or paid courses there is lots of online courses platforms but I suggest best top 10 to help out you so lets start....

(1) Udemy

--Find courses across different domains including data science, IT, management, economics, web design, etc.

--Great discounts of up to 90% available on the courses

(2) Coursera

--Offers best online courses, certifications, and degrees by top instructors from world-class universities and companies

--Provides access to on-demand video lectures, homework exercises, and community discussion forums

(3) edX

--Both free as well as paid subject matter available from top universities and institutes globally

--Find MOOCs as well as paid verified best online courses from highly rated institutes

(4) UpGrad

--Explore a number of courses and certifications from top colleges and universities

--Find long term diploma and certification courses
Connect on the live platform that replicates real-time classroom -

--learning and the sessions include doubt resolution and session analytics.

(5) SkillSoft

--Comprehensive digital skills training available through courses, videos, books, and other resources

--Courses available on topics like software development, leadership, business skills, digital transformation, technology, etc.

(6) Jigsaw Academy

--This platform is specifically designed for data science and analytics enthusiasts

--Both free and paid certifications and training programs available

--Covers topics like data science, machine learning, big data, SAS, R, Python, etc.

(7) Skillshare

--Provide online training on illustration, photography, design, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, technology and others

--Offers hands-on projects & community, support to the users

(8) Swayam

--India’s first MOOC platform to offer a quality learning experience to all

--Free courses available

--Hosts school, under-graduate, post-graduate, engineering, law, and other professional courses

(9) Futurelearn

--Provide best online courses, programs, and degrees designed by top universities, business schools, and specialist organizations

--Helps candidate in finding jobs by conducting mock interview sessions and create a high-quality resume

(10) Google

--Offers online data & tech, digital marketing, and career development courses for beginners and intermediates

--Most of the courses are short and can be covered within 20 hours and easy to understand

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