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Nadia Basaraba
Nadia Basaraba

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Marketing Data Visualization: Definition and Example

Data visualization in digital marketing is the process of eliciting insights and visualizing them based on marketing raw data.

The marketing data that you can represent in the different forms of graphs and charts includes:

  • website analytics (page views, conversions, bounce rate, etc.)
  • email marketing (open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribes, etc.)
  • social media (shares, subscribers, approval rate, etc.)
  • advertising (clicks, impressions, cost per click, etc.)
  • video marketing (views, likes, sign-ups, etc.)
  • Other marketing activities

Example of data visualization for marketers

When talking about data visualization for marketing analysis, the first thing that comes to mind is a chart of any form: line chart, column chart, funnel chart, and so on.

However, data visualization is not only about charts and graphs. Pivot tables allow you to elicit valuable insights without actually visualizing data. So, we can include them in data visualization in digital marketing as well. Here is an example of marketing website performance in the form of a pivot table in Google Sheets:

Image description

And, of course, the most advanced way to present your marketing data visually is a dashboard. Dashboards can accumulate multiple metrics in different forms and even let you filter or group the data. Here is an example of a customer base built by data experts at using PowerBI.

Image description

So, as you understand, marketing data visualization can be very different depending on your goals. But is it possible to do analytics without any visualizing data? Check out the full article to dive into this.

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