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Detect Scroll Direction ReactJS

In these blog. I am detecting scroll direction either person id scrolling down or up. To use these concept you can make some better thing like Navbar. Render a Navbar when we scroll untill that it gets disappear. So I am explaining here only about scroll direction If you want the example then please let me know.

import React, {useEffect, useState, useCallback} from 'react';
import { Fragment } from 'react/cjs/react.production.min';
import styles from "./App.module.css";

const App = () => {
  const [y,
    setY] = useState(document.scrollingElement.scrollHeight);
  const [scrollDirection,
    setScrollDirection] = useState("you have not scrolled yet");

  const handleNavigation = useCallback((e) => {

    if (y > window.scrollY) {
      setScrollDirection("Scrolling Up");
      console.log("scrolling up");
    } else if (y < window.scrollY) {
      setScrollDirection("Scrolling Down");
      console.log("scrolling down");
  }, [y]);

  useEffect(() => {

    window.addEventListener("scroll", handleNavigation);

    return () => {
      window.removeEventListener("scroll", handleNavigation);
  }, [handleNavigation]);

  return (
    <div className={styles.main_container}>


export default App
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