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OCI - Restore DB System Backups across OCI Cloud regions is now available.

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This is an Informational Blog on the OCI Database Release Notes for Database service on 3-April-2024 , will try to put in a detailed blog on this at a later date

A few weeks ago I had blogged about creating OCI Custom Backups ( you can refer the blog here). I would suggest to have a read on this blog in case you are new to OCI Cloud Custom Backups.

One of key areas that OCI was missing was the ability to restore these backups across regions. This was one of the key points auditors drill the IT department to support this requirement. Currently such restores are available with the Cloud Region only.

Oracle has silently put in this feature into the Cloud as seen in the Database Release notes here

The Complete documentation of the OCI Base Database Service is available for reference here

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