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OCI - Database Cloud Metrics - #1 Basic Management Metrics

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series : OCI - Database Metrics

As a part of efficient Database monitoring in OCI , Oracle provides built in monitoring capabilities. These are called Metrics which are collected from the various classes of Database Cloud Service.

This Blog will be regarding Basic Management Metrics.
Before we jump into understanding Basic Management metrics , we need to understand what Dimensions are about. Dimensions are properties of a cloud resource. In this case our cloud resource will be an OCI managed database service.

Dimension       Description
resourceId      The OCID of the database.
resourceName    The name of the database.
deploymentType  The deployment type of the database.
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Understanding Namespaces

There are three types of OCI Database metric namespaces , It took a long time for me to understand what these namespaces stand for. In the end it boils down to "no options if you are not purchashing any management metrics" , "some essential metrics with Basic Management with some charges" and "all the metrics with the Full Management with relvant procing". They are listed below

  1. oci_database --> For Basic Database Management Metrics
  2. oci_database_cluster --> For Cluster Management Metrics
  3. oracle_oci_database --> For Full Database Management Metrics

NOTE : I am not very clear on how these charges would incur but that's something I can get from OCI Cloud Calculator.

The official documentation for the OCI Cloud Database metrics is provided here

Basic Management Metrics

As a part of Basic Management the following metrics are available with relevant charts. The Oracle Documentation for the metrics is available here

1  BlockChanges                     
2  CpuUtilization                       
3  CurrentLogons
4  ExecuteCount
5  MonitoringStatus
6  OcpusAllocated
7  ParseCount
8  StorageAllocated
9  StorageAllocatedByTablespace
10 StorageUsed
11 StorageUsedByTablespace
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All the above metrics need to be configured in OCI Database System as "Basic Database Management" for the DB System and the PDB. Only with these the relevant Metrics , Charts and coresponding Alarms can be configured.

Since these are "Basic Database Management" only essential charts are allowed in metrics. These metrics can be treated as Alarms ( Alarms is not part of this blog and I will try to write about it later )

More on Full Management Metrics on my next series blog.

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