VirtualBox: How To Fix Failure In Starting VM (On Manjaro Linux)

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Manjaro Linux is one of Linux distros based on Arch Linux.
This is my favorite one because of its flexible user interface and powerful package management.

I have failed in running a virtual machine using VirtualBox, however, not few times.
This has been found to be simply because of my way to install VirtualBox.
Thus I decided to write and record how to fix it in order to escape from failing again.

note: The official document is here.


An error occurs when trying to run a virtual machine:

Error messages #1:

Error messages #2:

It says:

  • "Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)"
  • "The VirtualBox Linux kernel driver (vboxdrv) is either not loaded or there is a permission problem with /dev/vboxdrv."

But, to my confusion, there is no '/sbin/vboxconfig' in my Manjaro machine.
I know now this is a problem that some modules in /lib/modules/extramodules-[kernel version]-MANJARO/ such as vboxdrv and vboxpci are missing.



  1. Get kernel version

For example, use uname -r command:

$ uname -r


  1. Run Pamac installer.

  2. Search "virtualbox".

  3. Select "Oracle VM VirtualBox (virtualbox)" and install it.

  4. When the below modal opens, select NOT "virtualbox-host-modules" BUT "linux[kernel version]-virtualbox-host-modules":


    (The version is up to the host machine.)

  5. Run vboxreload command if there is still an error.

$ sudo vboxreload 
Loading modules: vboxnetadp vboxnetflt vboxpci vboxdrv 


Thank you very much for your reading.
I'm happy if this post helps someone who has the same problem in some way : )

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Hello heddi,

I've the same issue as you describe. But your solution does not help :/
I can install virtualbox without any problem. But when i want to start a
new vm the error windows pops up.

I tried the command 'sudo vboxreload' in the terminal with
the follow output(thepracticaldev.s3.amazonaws.com/i...)

Hope for your help.


Hi aze96,
Thank you for your commenting, and question + screenshot :)

vboxnetadp not found

I think it's the keyword, but know little about your environment.
Which OS do you use?
Also, how have you installed your VirtualBox? -- as far as you remember it.


Hi Heddi,

Thank you for your fast reply.

OS: Manjaro 18.1.1
Kernel: 5.2.21

I installed it over the AUR Repository (thepracticaldev.s3.amazonaws.com/i...)

you're welcome. I'm interested.

Your kernel is 5.2.21 and VBox is 6.0.12.
The error in your first screenshot is /lib/modules/5.2.21-*.
How about the versions of virtualbox-host-modules or virtualbox-host-dkms in Manjaro Package Manager?


virtualbox-host-modules is 6.0.12-2.
I have not installed virtualbox-host-dkms. Should i install it?

Hi, aze96,

I have updated my comment I wrote yesterday:

OK. I don't think so but am not sure. I'll check it tomorrow.

Well, I have checked it by installing Manjaro onto clean env.

Q1. Have you chosen linux_52_-virtualbox-host-modules? 5(.)2 is your kernel version.


Q2. What does sudo modprobe vboxdrv return in command line?


It finally works. You where right. I had to install this host module. Now i can run Virtualbox and VM's without problem.

Thank you for helping :)

Have a nice day.

sorry that i answered that late i was afk yesterday btw.

Yey, wonderful :)
I was not wholly sure, and now feel happy to hear it.
You're welcome. Also, no problem on your answering.
Have a nice day, too.


Hello I just follow your guide step by step, but it doesn't fix the problem for me :'(
what did i did wrong ?
here is all I downloaded and installed ( dev-to-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/i/... )


Hello, Saclier.
Your screenshot looks correct to me... 🤔

According to Manjaro page,
mhwd-kernel -li tells which kernel actually runs.

Also, according to Manjaro forum,
there has been an issue in VirtualBox just with Kernel 4.19, which I don't know is related to your case.

Would these information be your help 🙂 ?


I m running the kernel : 419
In the actual situation Virtualbox return the error when i try to launch Windows.
I look the forum you linked but I can't understand why it doesn't work for me.
Did I just cant use VB with my kernel version ?
Thank you for your quick answer.

Hi. Thank you for your check.

Did I just cant use VB with my kernel version ?

I'm not sure now. I'll check in a few days with the same kernel version to yours.

I tried to run vm with VirtualBox in Manjaro whose kernel is 4.19.
It was successful ☺️

Have you installed "linux 419 -virtualbox-host-modules" ?

Linux Kernel

kernel 4.19

Manjaro Package Manager

packages 1/2
packages 1/2



I'm sorry to be late for this reply.
Time was necessary in order to find a Manjaro machine as I had recently used Debian ones.


Thank you for your comment.
Did you meet the same problem?
I'm happy if it helped you :)


Yes, had the same problem. Needed the last step.
Once I did 'vboxreload' it worked.
Thank you for sharing this :)

That's a good news.
You are welcome!
Thank you, too.

I wonder why I needed to take the former steps then.
It might be some package problem.


Thank you.


Thank you for your good news.
I'm happy if my post helped you : )


Thank you. Resolved the issue for me.


It's a happy news.
Thank you.
I feel happy to hear it :)


Thanks for great tutorial, it fixed it.


Hi, charnoo,
Thank you for your message.
I'm happy to hear your problem has been solved ☺️


Thanks for sharing :) It helps.


Thank you for your comment.
I'm happy to hear it :)


This solved my issue, thank you very much :)


Hi Arthur,
It's very good to your issue was solved.
Thank you, too, for your writing comment :)


Thank u, that was life-saving:)


Hi, m3dsh.
Oh, really 😁
I'm happy to hear it!
Thank you for your message.