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Protonmail Import-Export app: Export and Import mails

I installed Protonmail Import-Export app on Arch Linux:

Then, I migrated emails to a newer account with the app. Here are some screenshots about it.

Start view

There is no account. What to do first is add an account.

Start view

Add an account

Click "Add account" at top-right corner. Verification will be required.




Export / Import menus

Now ready for exporting/importing emails in Protonmail.

Alt Text

Export mails

With an older account, I exported emails as .mbox. Well, .eml is also supported.

Export emails

Import mails

With a newer account, I imported them. I chose "Import local files":

Import emails options

Besides, if you have multiple accounts both of whose subscriptions are greater than free, you can directly "Import from account".

I selected .mbox files exported beforehand:

Select files

Thus, I recreated my account and succeeded in migrating emails.

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