Installing PHP's Imagick (PECL Library) on OpenBSD

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Hello :)
This post is about how to install Imagick (PECL Library), the PECL Library, on OpenBSD, my favorite OS.


Happily, the official package is provided:

# pkg_add pecl73-imagick

The result is:

quirks-3.124 signed on 2019-04-15T12:10:16Z
pecl73-imagick-3.4.3p3: ok

Also, its .ini file is created automatically:

$ ls /etc/php-7.3.sample/
... imagick.ini ...

Create a symbolic link in order to activate the extension:

# ln -sf /etc/php-7.3.sample/imagick.ini /etc/php-7.3/

Finally, all you have to do is restart the PHP-FPM server:

# rcctl restart php73_fpm


PECL means The "P"HP "E"xtension "C"ommunity "L"ibrary.
Imagick works as interface to ImageMagick, an open-source powerful image manipulator:

Imagick is a native php extension to create and modify images using the ImageMagick API.
This extension requires ImageMagick version 6.5.3-10+ and PHP 5.4.0+.

Thank you for your reading.
Happy computing :)

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