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Hi, Paula.
I'm very interested in what you specialize with passion: security, journalism and community formation.
Your challenge to organize a python girls club sounds great to me.

I have a question:

  • In order to improve yourself, what kind of daily or habitual routines do you have? For example, getting rss of some news. I want to use it as a reference when studying about security, especially designing secure architecture/network for myself.

I'd appreciate if you gave me your answer at your free time : )


Hi Heddi,
I would recommend to follow sec people on Twitter, register to a Bug Bounty program and read about the public disclosures described on the Bug Bounty site (hackerone is the most famous in my opinion).
And last but not least, practice some CTF/Capture The Flag to enhance your knowledge about security in general.
Youtube and other services can teach you a lot as well.


Hi Rémi.
I really appreciate your specific and useful advice.
Yes, I'll register hackerone and also practice CTF trainings!!
Although I haven't known how to make the best use of them yet, I have taken Twitter/Youtube as useful tools in order to improve myself on both studying tech and reading/listening to English.
Merci beaucoup : )


Hello! thank you for your kind words. I'm very used to check news in different Telegram groups and channels about security, either Spanish and International. I like to also over read news and blog, as I think they do a great work regarding digital rights. I have to keep an schedule in order to remember all my stuff, but I have it in paper, as using the computer makes me go faster (read faster, answer faster, act faster) and in order to organize myself, is okay to go slower, and force myself to think twice, this works the same in security. I'm studying a Linux Foundation course about networking, and I keep paper notes, too. I'd check on EDX and other university open education websites for helping yourself organize your aimed specialization, there's where I'm coursing the Linux Foundation certificate. I'm kind of a chaos in the rest of my life, but I hope to have answered your question, in a general way!


Hello. Thank you for your careful reply. Yes, you have answered my question.
Using paper is so impressive and interesting! The idea "is okay to go slower" to "organize myself" didn't exist in my mind. I'll try to make the habit to "think twice" also mine : )
Also, I'll check news and blogs such as Telegram's/'s, courses such as Linux Foundation's and education websites such as EDX's.
Muchas gracias.
Welp, a chaos is a part of my life, too. Haha.

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