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Discussion on: Angular Material Pagination Datasource

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Nils Mehlhorn Author • Edited on

Hey John, sorry for the late reply. The example on StackBlitz is implementing a user service, however, that one is faking server-requests:

You'd need to implement the same signature but make HTTP-requests to your paginated server endpoint

export class UserService {
  constructor(private http: HttpClient) {}

  page(request: PageRequest<User>, query: UserQuery): Observable<Page<User>> {
    // parse HTTP-GET parameters that your server understands, e.g:
    const params = {
      pageSize: request.size,
      sorting: `${},${request.sort.order}`,
      registrationDate: query.registration
    // make request
    return this.http.get("/users", {params}).pipe(
      map(/* map to Page<User>> if the type is different */)

Hope this helps, otherwise please ask further, I'll reply timely now

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John P. Parlato

That is just what I needed. I want to thank you for your article and your response. Take care.

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Nils Mehlhorn Author

Most welcome! You might want to join my mailing list so I can notify you when I publish something new :)