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Discussion on: Offboarding: How to quit your job gracefully

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Lars Richter

Hi Piotr,

great post. One of my favorite statements is the following:

Also, be polite and do not spread your frustration everywhere. Your team might still contain new, enthusiastic people. Don’t take their motivation away.

This is so true. I have seen it way too often, that people infect motivated, young colleagues with their frustration.

Don't do that!

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Piotr Horzycki Author

Thank you, glad you liked the article :)

I made that mistake of infecting young, motivated colleagues myself. That's why I mentioned it. There is a very thin line between making fun of corporate absurds and demotivating people. I think we shouldn't lie about our workplace, but we shouldn't escalate conflicts neither. Especially when we have years of experience in a particular organization and we know its structure well.

We should discuss problems in a constructive way, so other people can see light at the end of the tunnel, even if we're burnt out. And no personal attacks, of course :) This can be astonishingly hard to achieve.