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10 Github Repositories for Software Testers

Software testing is an integral part of the software development process, ensuring that the final product is reliable, bug-free, and meets user expectations. Manual testers play a crucial role in this journey, meticulously evaluating software to identify issues, report defects, and provide valuable feedback. To excel in their roles, testers often rely on a wide range of resources, from testing methodologies and roadmaps to helpful tools and educational materials.

In this article, we've curated a list of 10 Github repositories tailored to the needs of manual testers. These repositories are a treasure trove of information, offering roadmaps for career growth, book recommendations, course listings, and an assortment of tools to simplify the testing process. Whether you're a budding manual tester looking to start your journey or a seasoned professional seeking new resources, this collection will help you navigate the world of software testing and stay on the cutting edge of this dynamic field.

Let's dive into these repositories and explore the wealth of knowledge and tools they offer, helping you become a more effective and informed software tester.

1. Awesome Quality Assurance Roadmap

The "Awesome Quality Assurance Roadmap" repository offers a structured path for QA engineers and software testers to enhance their skills. It provides a generic test plan sample, emphasizing the importance of effective test planning. Additionally, it shares expert advice, stressing the significance of understanding software testing fundamentals before diving into automation and broadening testing perspectives beyond server status codes. This resource equips testers with essential insights and resources to excel in their roles.

2. Free Learning Resources For Software Testers

The "Free Learning Resources For Software Testers" repository is an ongoing project that compiles free online learning materials for software testers, catering to both beginners and seasoned professionals. Recognizing the lack of dedicated software testing modules in computer science and IT departments, this project provides a structured curriculum and organized lists of relevant, non-promotional, and cost-free resources. While exceptions apply for paid resources like books and magazines, the repository serves as a valuable, ever-expanding resource for the testing community, encouraging contributions and offering a repository of free educational content.

3. Awesome Learning

The "Awesome Learning" repository documents the remarkable journey of a software testing professional who transitioned from manual testing to a Test Automation Engineer over 14 years. Starting as a Commerce graduate in 2008 with no engineering background, the author provides insights into the challenges of understanding programming, testing, and software releases. This repository serves as a guide for those aspiring to make a similar career shift, offering a structured learning path based on the author's experience and knowledge, inspiring others to excel in test automation.

4. SQA wiki

The "SQA wiki" repository is a collaborative platform that hosts a variety of resources focusing on software quality and testing including books in both English and Russian, learning courses in both languages, and tools that gamify the learning process. It encourages active participation, allowing contributors to edit existing articles and create new ones, fostering a community-driven knowledge base.

5. Awesome Testing Courses & Tutorials

“Awesome Testing Courses & Tutorials” provides A curated list of awesome online courses & tutorials on software testing, test automation and more.

6. Test Cases and Templates for Manual Software Testing

The "Test Cases and Templates for Manual Software Testing" repository is a valuable resource for manual testers seeking to streamline their testing processes. It offers a comprehensive set of sample test cases and templates for test planning and bug bashes, simplifying and accelerating the test case creation process.

The project's primary aim is to address the time-consuming nature of writing test cases in software testing. By providing generic test cases for commonly used functionality, such as text boxes, dropdown boxes, checkboxes, and more, testers can readily download and employ them in their projects, saving substantial time that would otherwise be spent on crafting generic test cases.

The repository includes sample test cases and templates for a range of testing scenarios, including export and import functionalities, testing reports, mobile apps, login functionality, and a test planning checklist. It serves as a practical resource for manual testers, enhancing efficiency and promoting best practices in the software testing domain.

7. Quality in Mobile Apps

The "Quality in Mobile Apps" repository is a one-stop destination for resources dedicated to mobile app testing, covering both iOS and Android platforms. It houses a diverse array of tools, guides, and references aimed at ensuring the high-quality performance of mobile applications. Whether you're a mobile app tester, developer, or quality assurance professional, this repository offers essential insights and tools to help you deliver top-notch mobile app experiences.

8. Performance Testing

The "Performance Testing" repository is a comprehensive resource for professionals looking to optimize software performance. It includes a wealth of tools and resources for both backend and frontend performance testing, as well as web performance optimization. This repository serves as a valuable guide to help individuals ensure their software applications run efficiently and deliver a seamless user experience.

9. How They Test

The "How They Test" repository is a curated collection of publicly available resources that offer insights into how software companies worldwide approach testing and build a culture of quality. It serves as a comprehensive knowledge hub, consolidating best practices, tools, techniques, and testing culture from various companies, all accessible in one place.

This repository covers a wide array of topics, extending beyond traditional functional testing and test automation to include non-functional testing, testing in continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), release management's impact on quality, quality processes, and even testing in production. Companies like Google, Netflix, and Amazon are among those sharing their valuable insights, making it an invaluable resource for those looking to learn and improve their software testing practices.

10. Software testing resource pack

The “Software testing resource pack” repository contains various files useful for manual testing and test automation to check REST API or webpage behaviour with various file extensions, sizes, resolution, names etc.

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