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How to Become a Famous Mobile App Developer in BitLife: Lady Luck Challenge Guide

BitLife offers an immersive gameplay experience where you guide characters through their entire lives, making pivotal choices that shape their destinies. One intriguing challenge in the game is the Lady Luck Challenge, which includes the goal of becoming a famous mobile app developer. Here’s a detailed guide to help you achieve this.
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Starting Point: Be Born as a Female in Nevada

  • Begin a New Game: Start a new life in BitLife.
  • Custom Life Settings: Choose ‘Custom Life’ and set your character’s gender to female.
  • Select Birth City: Choose Las Vegas as the birth city.

Becoming an App Developer

During School Years

  • Maintain High Smarts: Study hard and visit the library regularly.
  • Engage in Extracurricular Activities: Join computer or software-related clubs if available.

Post-High School

  • University Education: Apply to university and select Computer Science as your major.
  • Work Hard in College: Keep your Smarts stat above 90 by studying hard and engaging in co-curricular activities.

Entering the Workforce

  • Job Hunting: Search for jobs in the ‘Occupations’ section like App Tester or App Developer.
  • Apply and Secure a Job: Once you secure a job, you complete this part of the challenge.

Achieving Fame

  • Focus on Looks: Invest in your character's looks throughout their life.
  • Balanced Lifestyle: Balance working on your career and improving your appearance to increase chances of becoming famous.

Completing the Lady Luck Challenge

  • Win Five Million in Divorce Settlements: Marry strategically and ensure favorable divorce settlements.
  • Win One Million in Casino Winnings: Spend time in the casino and aim for high-stakes games.
  • Cure an Illness with the Witch Doctor: Visit the witch doctor when your character falls ill.

By following this guide, you'll not only complete the Lady Luck Challenge but also master the art of becoming a famous mobile app developer in BitLife. Enjoy the journey and the various life paths you can explore in the game!


  • How do I start a new life in BitLife?

    • Open the app and tap "New Life". Customize your character’s life using 'Custom Life' settings to meet specific challenge requirements.
  • How do I ensure my character is born in Nevada?

    • Set your character's gender to female and choose Las Vegas as the birth city.
  • How do I maintain high Smarts stats?

    • Focus on studying hard, visiting the library regularly, and participating in educational activities.
  • What major should I choose in university?

    • Select Computer Science as your major.
  • How do I find a job as an App Developer?

    • After graduating from university, search for jobs like App Tester or App Developer in the ‘Occupations’ section.
  • How can my character become famous?

    • Invest in your character's looks and maintain a balanced lifestyle, focusing on both career and appearance.
  • What are the additional tasks in the Lady Luck Challenge?

    • Win five million in divorce settlements, win one million in casino winnings, and cure an illness with the witch doctor.

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