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Davide 'CoderDave' Benvegnù
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Protect and Access you Kubernetes, Servers, Applications and Databases with Teleport

Today we are protecting and securely connecting to our infrastructure, Kubernetes, and basically any other private resources that we need and want to keep safe.

And we will do so without the need of VPNs or legacy access management systems... and for free, thanks to Teleport.


Finding a tool that allows you to securely access the infrastructure you need without slowing you down is already a challenge in and of itself. But finding a single tool which provides unified access to Linux and Windows servers, Kubernetes clusters, databases and DevOps applications like CI/CD, version control, and monitoring dashboards across all environments is almost impossible. Almost, because we have Teleport for it.

Check out Teleport here:


In this video I’m going to show you what we can do with Teleport, and how easy it is to use it to connect to your protected resources, rather than how to install it, also because the documentation does an excellent job on guiding you step-by-step. But let me know in the comments if you wanna see the installation process as well in another video.

Here you have the video with the whole explanation.

Enjoy the watch :)

Link to the video:

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I think you now understand why I’ve decided to make this video about Teleport. I really think it is a great service that allows you to do a lot of things... What we have seen are just few examples, but I hope you can see the full potential of this service.

If I have to nitpick, I would like for the installation process for Windows hosts to be a little simpler and more intuitive, it’s the only one that gave me a little trouble. Also, as we have seen some AWS and GCP services are supported out of the box, like the Linux servers and DBs. Being a heavy Azure user as y’all know, I would love to see Azure supported natively as well.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about Teleport, and if you want to see more use cases, or if you want to know how Teleport works behind the scenes, or yet, as I’ve mentioned before, if you want me to make a video about the installation of this service on the different platforms.

Also, check out this video, in which I talk about Pros and Cons of the emerging Civo Kubernetes Cloud.

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